Confined Spaces - 2 Day Course



Confined Spaces - 2 Day Course

This is a Nationally Accredited course designed for workers who are required to perform tasks within confined spaces. This course provides the skills and knowledge to safely enter and exit confined spaces whilst minimising (or eliminating) the risks to the health and safety of anyone who enters the space. There are no pre-requisite requirements for this course however if you are intending to work within the construction industry you will be required to hold a Construction Industry Induction Card (White Card) and we recommend that you also obtain this qualification. All training and assessment is carried out by experience trainers working in the field of emergency services. If you are unsure if this is the right course for you, please see the link below to the course brochure or contact our office and discuss your concerns.


Confined spaces can be found in vats, tanks, pits, pipes, chimneys, silos, sewers, shafts, wells, pressure vessels, trenches and tunnels. Working in confined spaces pose dangers because they are not usually designed to be areas where people work. They often have poor ventilation which allows hazardous atmospheres to quickly develop, especially if the space is small.
This course is designed to teach participants how to identify confined space hazards and work safely in confined spaces. Participants will learn to complete hazard identifications, risk assessments and work permits for confined space operations. There are also additional units of competence including gas test atmospheres and operate breathing apparatus.The training will consist of theory and practical activities and assessments.
Once you have been assessed as competent you will receive a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment:
RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces
MSMWHS216 Operate breathing apparatus
MSMWHS217 Gas test atmospheres.
You will also receive a wallet sized competency card. The course fee includes all classroom training, practical activities and assessments.

Targeted Audience

This course is recommended for workers such as:

  • Utility workers
  • Confined space workers and supervisors
  • Safety personnel and inspectors
  • Emergency services personnel
  • Mine workers
  • Telecommunication installation personnel

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identifying confined spaces
  • Understanding risk assessment and risk control
  • Learning to issue permits
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of a standby person
  • Understand atmospheric testing and monitoring
  • Learn to operate self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Understanding confined space entry procedures
  • Understand emergency rescue procedures

Learning Methods

This course is delivered by face-to-face classroom and practical training over two (2) days. You will be provided with all of the resources and learning materials needed to complete the course.

For more information on this course or to make a booking please contact our office on (02) 4647 5588 or email