Traffic Control Combo Course



Traffic Control Combo Course

This course is designed for workers who are required to have the skills and knowledge to control traffic with a Stop/Slow bat and set up signs and devices in accordance with a Traffic Control Guidance Plan. This program is a good entry point for those wishing to establish themselves into the traffic control/management industry. Having both the Traffic Controller and Implement TCGP qualifications is not a mandatory requirement for employment however it is highly recommended to improve your chances of gaining employment within the industry.


This combo course is a combination of RIISS00054- Traffic Controller Skill Set and RIISS00055 - Traffic Management Implementer Skill Set. This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to implement traffic control guidance plans, and to control and direct traffic and pedestrians on council/state roads, motorways and major arterials. It provides the knowledge and skills to work safely in the traffic management industry and gives you the advantage of being able to complete both duties whilst on site.

On successful completion of this course you will be issued a Statement of Attainment for:
RIICOM201D - Communicate in the workplace
RIIWHS201D - Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures.
RIIWHS205E - Control traffic with a stop/slow bat
RIIWHS206 - Control traffic with portable traffic control devices and temporary traffic signs
RIIRIS301E - Apply risk management processes
RIIWHS302E - Implement traffic management plans
RIIWHS303 - Position, set up and program portable traffic control devices

The course fees include all classroom training, simulated assessments and live project assessments. It also includes fees associated with receiving SafeWork NSW cards.

Targeted Audience

This course is designed for persons who are new to the traffic control industry with no previous experience, and are looking for a place to start in traffic management. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare for work with appropriate PPE
  • Understand being 'Fit for Duty' and personal wellbeing
  • Understand site expectations and operations
  • Control traffic with a stop/slow bat
  • Control pedestrians with a stop/slow bat
  • Implement and monitor a traffic control guidance plan
  • Identify and control hazards
  • Communicate in an appropriate manner
  • Commissioning and de-commissioning portable traffic control devices
  • Understand the correct procedures for site pack up

Learning Methods

This course is delivered by face-to-face classroom delivery over a three (3) day period. During this course you will be provided with all of the resources and learning materials needed to complete this course. 
Assessments are completed in three phases.
Theory is undertaken on the training day.
Practical is completed in a live simulated environment.
Live Assessment is completed during a live project where a SafeWork NSW approved Assessor will attend your workplace and observe you whilst carrying out your traffic management duties.