Truck Mounted Attenuator

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  • Duration

    1 Day


Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) drivers have a very important role for ensuring the protection of all crew members and other workers on site. They provide protection from wayward vehicles or inattentive drivers in or around a work zone. This course allows participants to operate a truck or trailer mounted attenuator when carrying out traffic management activities in the construction industry.

A Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) is a vehicle specifically designed or modified, to absorb the impact of a wayward vehicle in a work site. They are used as a “cover” vehicle to protect road workers while they are carrying out various maintenance/work activities. All employees who drive a TMA must, as a Duty of Care, receive suitable and adequate training to allow the operator to safely conduct their duties on site. This training provides the skills and knowledge required to operate a truck or trailer mounted attenuator when carrying out traffic management activities.

Units of competency

  • RIIRTM302E Operate a Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuator (TMA)


This course is delivered by face-to-face classroom delivery. On this day you will be provided with all resources and learning materials needed to complete this course. You will practice your skills in a simulated workplace environment before undertaking any theory or practical assessments.


There are three phases in the assessment process for this unit of competency:

  1. Theory Assessment – Completed after the face-to-face classroom training. This will be an online Assessment.
  2. Practical Assessment – To be undertaken in a simulated workplace environment whilst preparing to operate a TMA, operating a TMA and completing a TMA Shift. This is completed on the day of training.
  3. Employer Evidence – Will be required from your employer with regards to your practical experience. This is a signed testimonial from your Supervisor/Team Leader/Manager indicating that you have completed the practical skills required to operate a TMA satisfactorily together with workplace evidence (i.e. Risk Assessment, JSA, TMP for a live worksite that you have attended). This employer evidence may be collected from work undertaken either before or after the specific training date.


Enrolment requirements:

  • USI – Unique Student Identifier. If you do not have a USI or can’t remember it please go to
  • Adequate literacy & numeracy skills

Training and assessment requirements:

  • PPE must be worn (boots, long pants, long sleeve shirt, hat/cap, sun glasses)
  • Students will need a basic understanding of written and oral English and be able to communicate orally and in writing at a basic level.

Course pre-requisites

  • Minimum of 6 months working in traffic management
  • Heavy Vehicle Licence (MR, HC, HR, MC)
  • A Traffic Management Implementer Card

What to expect

Training will include:

  • classroom activities
  • theory questionnaires and group activities
  • simulated workplace scenarios

Learning outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare to operate the attenuator
  • Conduct truck and attenuator pre-operational checks
  • Operate communication devices
  • Operate truck or trailer mounted attenuator
  • Position traffic controls and truck or trailer mounted attenuator
  • Carry out operator maintenance
  • Undertake appropriate clean up

Licensing/Regulatory Information:

There are no licencing or regulatory requirements for this course.

Pathways to further training:

You may consider any of the following courses to further your education and employment options:

  • Certificate IV WHS
  • Certificate III Civil Construction